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Need help with JLPT?

I am an experienced JLPT trainer who has been helping students prepare for the exam from scratch. I prepare my own materials for JLPT courses and work closely with each students. My lesson plan is individual-based and continuously adjusted to best fit each student.
Currently, I am recruiting students for N5, N4, N3, N2 preparation courses. I offer both 1-on-1 and group (4-on-1) lessons. For more information, please click the button below or contact me directly at

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JLPT Course Details

N4 Course

For students who have passed N5 or equivalent level

  • 25 weeks. 50 sessions.

  • 1 hour each lesson.

  • Course structure

   - 19 weeks of learning N4 Vocabulary, Kanji, Grammar and Listening​

   - 6 weeks of coaching for the test: Getting used to test format, time management, mock tests.​

N5 Course

For students who have finished Hiragana and Katakana

  • 16 weeks. 32 sessions.

  • 1 hour each lesson.

  • Course structure

  •    - 12 weeks of learning N5 Vocabulary, Kanji, Grammar and Listening​

  •    - 4 weeks of coaching for the test: Getting used to test format, time management, mock tests.​

  • For N3 and higher level, please contact us via or Whatsapp: (+1) 236-979-9385

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Looking for a Japanese tutor for your teen?

It does not matter if your teen wants to enhance his/ her Japanese knowledge or needs help with the final examination. With my years of experience in tutoring Japanese, I have successfully helped many high school students in Canada achieve high scores.

Most of my students are either interested in Japanese culture or aiming at being good at their third language. Therefore, my lesson plans are created in a way to help them improve their abilities in all 4 skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. On one hand, my students will learn practical Japanese - the modern Japanese that sounds natural to native speakers - rather than old Japanese "by the book". On the other hand, they will also work on IB Japanese final exam mock tests and learn all the tips to get best scores in their final exam.

Contact me at or whatsapp (+1) 236-979-9385 to book free trial lesson today!

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About Us

Founder's Voice



My name is Mandy and I am the founder of Goen Academy. Before moving to Canada, I lived and worked as an overseas business manager in Osaka. After 14 years of being a language teacher/ trainer, I finally decided to set up my own tutoring service and devote full time to share my passion for learning languages.

At Goen Academy, you will not only gain language knowledge but also be guided how to study efficiently.

Learn easily with us today. Speak naturally tomorrow.

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Education and Career History

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Master of Business Administration
TJSOL  Teaching Japanese to Speakers of Other Languages

Our Journey

Skills & Accomplishments

Instructor of English

2010-2011, 2021 - now

Instructor of English at universities and colleges in Kyoto and Osaka



Interpreter at Japan External Trade Organization


2011 - 2012

Interpreter at Oita Police Station
Technical translator at Canon


2006 - current

Language tutor (Japanese, English, Vietnamese, Mandarin)

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Why Choose Us

Learn Language, Learn Culture.

1. We understand you the most

We understand how challenging Japanese is. We know what you find hard to understand. We know your questions even before you ask. We have the answer for you if you need one.

2. It's not only about language. It's about culture.

Language and culture are strongly related to each other. Culture is reflected in language. We'd love to share the experience we had when living in Japan to help you understand/ remember the languages easily.

3. Individualized lesson plans

Lesson plans will be made to fit each student. At Goen Academy, we make sure all of our lesson plans are the most suitable for our learners.

4. Student Care

There will be no more than 4 students in our class. We'd love to keep our class size small so that every student can raise their voices and is taken care of. Student is the core of our tutoring service.

5. Pricing

Prices at Goen Academy are competitive and fair.

For more information, kindly check our "Courses & Pricing" page.

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Special Features

Girls in the Library

Culture Immerse

Learn language through culture lens

Reviewing for the Exam

Small Class Size

Maximum of 4 students for thorough student care

Outdoors Tutoring


Off-site and Online Courses Available

Math Homework


Easy Scheduling

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Check what students talk about us

Get to know why our services make difference

Mandy sensei is a really great teacher because she is so patient with you and will adjust to your needs. Not only does she teach really well but she will make jokes with you. Overall, she is just an awesome teacher!

Grade 6 - Richmond, BC

I took Mandy sensei's English class in 2018. She helped me improve my TOEIC scores from 450 to 650 in really short time. She is a very responsible teacher who knows how to keep her students motivated. She was super supportive and patient with me. Arigtou sensei!

In his 30s - Osaka, JP

I am taking her JLPT Preparation Course. She made her own teaching materials which are so helpful and easy to understand. I appreciate how she spends time giving me details feedback. Highly recommend those who are seeking some help for the examination.

Grade 11 - Coquitlam, BC

My 17 year-old son is taking Japanese class with Mandy. He really enjoys it and never wanted to miss a lesson even when he was tired after school. It's great we found her!

In her 40s - Vancouver, BC

Mandy is highly responsible and dedicated tutor. I took N5 preparation course with her and she spent time outside classes to give me detailed feedback on my progress. She also taught me how to speak Japanese naturally too (not the Japanese we learn in books). Highly recommend if you are a beginner or want to sit for JLPT test.

In his 30s - Vancouver, BC

My partner is Japanese and we had plans to move to Japan so I took speaking classes with Mandy. She even trained me for job interview in Japan. We also had discussion about Japanese culture. Her class was fun and helpful.

In his 20s - Richmond, BC

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Open Hours

Mon - Fri: 9am - 9pm (Pacific Time)
Sat - Sun: 10am - 5pm (Pacific Time)

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