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Looking for a Japanese tutor for your teen?

It does not matter if your teen wants to enhance his/ her Japanese knowledge or needs help with the final examination. With my years of experience in tutoring Japanese, I have successfully helped many high school students in Canada achieve high scores.

Most of my students are either interested in Japanese culture or aiming at being good at their third language. Therefore, my lesson plans are created in a way to help them improve their abilities in all 4 skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. On one hand, my students will learn practical Japanese - the modern Japanese that sounds natural to native speakers - rather than old Japanese "by the book". On the other hand, they will also work on IB Japanese final exam mock tests and learn all the tips to get best scores in their final exam.

Contact me at or whatsapp (+1) 236-979-9385 to book free trial lesson today!

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